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debian newbie questions

Hi List;

I'm a debian newbie with a few questions. I'm going to try running debian on 
my IBM thinkpad laptop (Z60m).

1) It looks like debian sarge is running the 2.4 kernel, did I miss something? 
If this is correct can I easily upgrade to a 2.6 kernel?

2) can I also easily upgrade to the latest stable version of KDE?

3) when running debian on a laptop, is the ipw2200 package/code for wireless 
devices available for debian as a package?

4) whats the best way to keep my debian install up to date?

5) how well does debian support ATI cards?

6) how can I setup a dual head install?

7) is anyone running transgaming cedega and/or vmware on a debian install?

Thanks in advance...

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