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Re: debian newbie questions

Hi List;


1) It looks like debian sarge is running the 2.4 kernel, did I miss something? If this is correct can I easily upgrade to a 2.6 kernel?

The installer install the 2.4 kernel by default, if you want to install the 2.6 kernel you have to pass the parameter "linux26" to the installer. I recomend install etch, its comes with 2.6 kernel by default

2) can I also easily upgrade to the latest stable version of KDE?

  aptitude update
  aptitude dist-upgrade

  Whit that you upgrade all your system to the last packages on sarge!

3) when running debian on a laptop, is the ipw2200 package/code for wireless devices available for debian as a package?

I'm not sure, but in Etch there are several packages for ipw2200 (depends of the kernel you're running)

4) whats the best way to keep my debian install up to date?

  aptitude update
  aptitude dist-upgrade


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