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Re: debian newbie questions

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Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi List;

(CC-ing the user as he seems to be a newbie and might not know the
etiquette, which is that CC-s are not used and replies are sent to list

> I'm a debian newbie with a few questions. I'm going to try running debian on 
> my IBM thinkpad laptop (Z60m).
> 1) It looks like debian sarge is running the 2.4 kernel, did I miss something? 
> If this is correct can I easily upgrade to a 2.6 kernel?

You can install 2.6 directly (as previously said) with the "linux26"
boot parameter, but I recommend to install Etch instead if you didn't do
the installation already. In that case I suggest you install the
kernel-image-2.6.8-3-386 package (assuming you are using an x86

> 2) can I also easily upgrade to the latest stable version of KDE?

Not exactly, see reply from Jochen Schultz[1]

> 3) when running debian on a laptop, is the ipw2200 package/code for wireless 
> devices available for debian as a package?

ipw2200 modules are available:
- - only starting from Etch (current testing) and are in the contrib
section of the archive which means you have to have a line similar to
this one in /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://www.debian.org/debian etch main contrib non-free

> 4) whats the best way to keep my debian install up to date?

aptitude update && aptitude upgrade

If you are running Sarge(stable) and you prefer graphical tools, you
might want to install synaptic (note this is a gtk package,
unfortunately there no qt/kde frontends for apt in sarge)

aptitude update && aptitude install synaptic

If you are running Etch (testing), I recommend installing update-manager.

aptitude update && aptitude install update-manager

> 5) how well does debian support ATI cards?

Depends on the card, if you want the free drivers or the propritary ones
and what you are running, Sarge or Etch.

Usually 3D acceleration doesn't work.

If you have an older card the free drivers usually work accelerated in
2D. If you have a newer card there are more possibilities, see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon and links there for information
about support.

> 6) how can I setup a dual head install?

Not sure how you can do that with the free drivers.

Follow other people's advices :-) .

With proprietary drivers you can generate a configuration file with

aticonfig --initial=dual-head

See more information with aticonfig --help

> 7) is anyone running transgaming cedega and/or vmware on a debian install?

I use and recommend qemu instead of vmware. Is a free virtual machine

I had cedega installed at some point in the past on another computer,
but I don't know the current state.
I know people using vmware on a daily basis with Debian, so it shouldn't
be a problem.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-laptop/2007/02/msg00032.html
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