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Re: debian newbie questions

Kevin Kempter:
> 1) It looks like debian sarge is running the 2.4 kernel, did I miss something? 
> If this is correct can I easily upgrade to a 2.6 kernel?

2.4 is the default, but you can start the installation process with a
special boot parameter with 2.6. But beware that the latest kernel in
sarge is 2.6.8, so this might not be exactly what you want.

Theoretically, you can still grab the latest-and-greatest linux kernel
from kernel.org, compile it using the tools from the package
'kernel-package' and run it without any problems. But with sarge there
/are/ problems related to changes to udev (which detects hardware and
creates device nodes and a lot more).

> 2) can I also easily upgrade to the latest stable version of KDE?

No, since a stable Debian release only contains package in their
versions when it has become stable. You can only upgrade to newer KDE by
upgrading to a new stable version (not ready yet) or if you upgrade to
testing or unstable. That said, if your laptop is fairly new, you might
be better off instaling testing ("etch") right away. It is not very far
from stable anyway. But there's no rush. If you have sarge running, you
can upgrade to etch at any time.

> 3) when running debian on a laptop, is the ipw2200 package/code for wireless 
> devices available for debian as a package?

I think so. The command you need to answer such questions is 'apt-cache
search ipw2200'. I do not have stable in my /etc/apt/sources.list, so I
do not get the results you need. Another option is to search on
packages.debian.org, but I am too lazy for that. :)

> 4) whats the best way to keep my debian install up to date?

Use aptitude (nowadays preferred), apt-get or synaptic (GUI). I propose
to use aptitude from day one, since using apt-get in the first place and
then switching to aptitude takes some fiddling in most cases.

> 5) how well does debian support ATI cards?

As well as any other linux distribution: AFAIK (never used an ATI card)
it is a pain in the *ss.

> 6) how can I setup a dual head install?

The keyword for web searches in "Xinerama", but apart from that I cannot
help here.

> 7) is anyone running transgaming cedega and/or vmware on a debian install?

I know that Vmware should be no problem, but I have no first-hand
experience with that.

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