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Re: kernel 2.6.19 + Cisco 350 Wireless adapter needs manual config

On Monday 15 January 2007 10:30, Jean-Louis Crouzet wrote:
> Or may be I'm just facing to one of the numerous licensing issue Debian
> could have with Cisco/Aironet?
I do not think so. I don't know what was your previous kernel, but, if that 
can help, I think in my case the problem is that the pcmcia setting has been 
completely changed after kernel 2.6.15, which uses udev and a new pcmcia 
module which supersedes the old pcmcia-cs package setting. This is why my 
aironet 350 cisco is not recognised anymore. The cisco kernel module should 
be the same.
The problem (for me) is that I cannot retrive _any_ useful information on this 
new pcmcia setting.
I have only found a new "pcmcia howto" which is of no help, talking about 
a "resource database" (what is a resource database?) and an "udev rule" 
(which one?).
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