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Re: kernel 2.6.19 + Cisco 350 Wireless adapter needs manual config

On Saturday 13 January 2007 15:08, Florian Reitmeir wrote:
> you really did a
> dpkg --purge udev
> dpkg --purge ifrename
> dpkg --purge hotplug
> ?
> if you did correctly and reinstalled udev everything should work normally
> and the files should not missing anymore.
> ok here .. in commands ..
> apt-get --purge remove udev ifrename hotplug
> rm -Rf /etc/udev
> apt-get install udev hald
Yes, I did. Please note ifrename was not installed and hotplug was not 
installed, too, because it conflicts with udev.
So I just did aptitude purge udev and removed /etc/udev. Then I purged hal 
(not hald, there is no package named "hald") and reinstalled it to 
rigenerate /etc/udev/rules.d/z99_hal.rules.
I think, as a last resort, I will try to install debian kernel 2.6.18 
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