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kernel 2.6.19 + Cisco 350 Wireless adapter needs manual config

after upgrading from sarge to etch and switching from kernel 2.6.10 to 
self-compiled 2.6.19 my wireless cisco card is not working properly, because 
I need to configure it manually at every reboot:
# iwconfig eth2_rename essid "*******"
# iwconfig eth2_rename key s:*******
Besides, I would like to know a way to change the interface name 
from "eth2_rename" to a normal "eth2"...(It was configured as "eth1" in sarge 
and worked flawlessy).
I am using the kernel cisco driver and the yenta-socket module in a sony vaio 
FX-802; the following is what the kernel says at boot-up:
airo(): Finished probing for PCI adapters
pcmcia: request for exclusive IRQ could not be fulfilled.
pcmcia: the driver needs updating to supported shared IRQ lines.
airo(eth2): cmd:111 status:7f11 rsp0:2 rsp1:0 rsp2:0
airo(eth2): Doing fast bap_reads
airo(eth2): WPA unsupported (only firmware versions 5.30.17 and greater 
support WPA.  Detected 5.02.19)
airo(eth2): MAC enabled 0:f:f8:4e:0:43
eth2: index 0x05: , Vpp 5.0, irq 10, io 0x0100-0x013f

I don't know why, but after that ifconfig reports only an "eth2_rename" 
wireless interface.

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