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Re: ieee80211 package not installable-- IT WORKS!! Thanks everyone

Krzysztof Fabja?ski:
> What about WPA??

As far as I know, you *have* to use wpasupplicant when you want to use
WPA. It should be quite easy to configure once you know exactly what
kind of WPA you want to set up. There are a lot of examples in the
default configuration file.

> what /etc/network/interfaces file should contain?

Every iwconfig command has a counterpart for the interfaces file. E.g.
when you manually do "iwconfig eth1 essid foo" you say "wireless-essid
foo" in the appropriate device section in /etc/network/interfaces. See
"man wireless" and "man iwconfig".

> I know that there exist soft "wpasupplicant" but it is a supplicant, and 
> I don't want to use it. Is there any way to make it work without 
> wpasupplicant?
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