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Re: ieee80211 package not installable

> I usually:
>     apt-get source ieee80211-source

Dear Vivek,

Wow, that was fast!

Thanks for the advice.

I did "apt-cache source" and it downloaded OK. Why is it not found with aptitude?

But I cannot get module-assistant to compile it, does not know about (maybe because it came in via apt-get, not aptitude?). I just did a smooth module-assistant for the ipw2200 companion software.

Any idea how to get the module-assistant to find it?


Vivek Dasmohapatra wrote:
On Sat, 22 Apr 2006, David Riggs wrote:

Thanks to help from the list I am most of the way through getting the iwp2200 wireless chip on my Thinkpad R50e to work. Upgraded my Sarge/Stable to 2.6 kernel and installed everything but:

But I cannot get the ieee80211 package to come in via apt. I have the testing sources (tried various sites) but that package never appears. It is listed on the web directory of packages as testing/net and unstable net.

Is there something different about this package? Like not being just for one architecture? Anyway, any help much appreciated.

I usually:

    apt-get source ieee80211-source

build that package, install it, then build the ieee80211 modules for my kernel with:

    make-kpkg modules_config; make-kpkg modules_image;

(I have to build my own kernel for sata/pata hardware related reasons)

I suspect you can use module-assistant to build the module for you.

Be aware that even if you do get it all set up, the binary firmware
for the ipw2200 is quite flaky and will lock up, freeze, die or become
intransigent due to all sorts of different conditions, so you'll
probably want to write some sort of watchdog script to restart it for you,
either by rmmod'ing and modprobe'ing the module or by something like this:

while true; do ping; sudo sh -c "echo -n 3 > \
  /sys/class/net/eth1/device/power/state; echo -n 0 >    \
  /sys/class/net/eth1/device/power/state;"; done;

and then hitting ^C when the ping stops responding.

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