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Re: zd8156ea

Ian Greenhoe wrote:

> On Sat, 2005-10-22 at 09:18 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> No.  It works just fine.  I didn't say it was unable to resume.
>> Unfortunately, once resumed, it immediately starts the shut down sequence
>> because Dell uses the power button to resume.  I should have been more
>> precise. I already knew what happened, I just see no reason to use
>> suspend over hibernate - so I haven't modified the acpi config to prevent
>> the power
>> button doing a shutdown on resume.  iirc, the way to prevent this is to
>> turn off acpid during shutdown, then turn it on during resume, then it
>> doesn't queue the power button press, but as I say I haven't
>> experimented.
> No.  This is still not working.  You have a belief that you can get it
> to work; you see that with some (possibly minimal effort) you could get
> it to work; but you do not actually have real evidence that it works.

It suspends, it resumes, I get to watch the whole process, then I get to see
it respond to a shutdown request.  When it comes back up, the disk is in a
consistent state without any journal recovery.  This is a valid proof of
"working".  I won't argue any further.

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