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Re: ipw2200 installation

marc said...
> Which packages are required to install ipw2200 ( kernel)?
> I've installed ipw2200-firmware, without success. Unfortunately there 
> are no docs with the package, so it's not clear whether something else 
> needs to be done/installed.
> The card works under Knoppix without any problems.

Sheesh! This is tedious!

As I understand it, one has to load:
1. the 80211 stack
2. the firmware
3. the drivers

1. I installed the deb ieee80211-source, compiled it, and can
# modprobe ieee80211

2. Since I'm running 2.6.13-3 - so can't use the beds - I downloaded the 
v2.3 firmware and have copied the files to

Question: how do I test whether the firmware has "taken"?

(I did # modprobe firmware_class, which worked, but #lsmod only links it 
to pcmcia. The only reason I did # modprobe firmware_class was because 
it seems to be suggested by the IPW2200 install doc.)

Another doc I read suggests doing
# /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent
but I don't understand how that works. man hotplug made things even 

3. Not sure if it's worth progressing until I can see that the firmware 
install has worked. But I have v1.06, which matches firmware v2.3 as I 
understand it.


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