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Re: dist-upgrad removed packages

Bill Moseley wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > But if 'ls' is reporting an I/O error that does
> > not bode well.  Check your /var/log/syslog for errors.  You may have a
> > disk drive crash.  I/O errors usually means a drive gone bad.
> Well, I was going to argue against a disk failure.  For one thing I
> can't find anything unusual in any of my logs.  Second, the laptop seems
> to work fine -- except when I try and run apt-get or aptitude and it
> finally locks up with the Input/output error message.  I'm using the
> laptop now -- and it's running quite a bit and just finished running
> the daily updatedb to stressed the hard drive quite a bit.

Hmm...  Check DMA being on and perhaps turn it off with hdparm?  It
could be the the device does not react well in regards to DMA when
there is a lot of disk activity?  But usually when I have
unsupportable dma the linux kernel detects this fairly well and
automatically disables it.


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