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Re: dist-upgrad removed packages

Thus spake Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):

> On Sunday 07 August 2005 17:41, Bill Moseley wrote:
> > Did a long-over-due dist-upgrade on a laptop today, and even after
> > using Debian for years I'm still wondering how to best deal with
> > packages "kept back" and packages that apt-get wants to remove.  I
> > kind of deal with them manually -- apt-get install them and fix what
> > gets removed.  What worries me is when packages are removed.
> Use aptitude and put packages that have/cause temporary broken 
> dependencies on hold to delay upgrade until dependencies are met again.
> I have no problems at all following unstable that way.
> The option in aptitude to mark packages as "automatically installed 
> because of dependencies" (M/m key or 'aptitude (un)markauto') is also 
> very useful to keep old libraries accumulating.

Perhaps someone can explain the following: a couple of days ago I did
a dist-upgrade on my wife's laptop, which I'd installed sarge onto
last summer. The diost-upgrade was, of course, to the stable sarge.

Obviously it hadn't been upgraded in a while (my wfie gets *very*
nervous) because there were 427 packages to upgrade.

But for some reason, it insisted on removing kmail. This wasn't a big
deal, because she'd abandoned kmail for thunderbird over a year ago,
but occasionally she wants to use it.

However, immediately after the dist-upgrade I did an apt-get install
kmail which worked perfectly. So obviously no broken/unment

Que pasa?

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