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Re: There is more discussion about SPAM than SPAM. Stop that

On Wednesday 25 May 2005 04:18, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Sorry people I did not read your rubish discussion about SPAM and I will
> not do so in the future. You are more annoying than the real SPAM which is
> catched by my SpamFilter.

Don't be silly.  How do we stop spam on this list without discussing it?  The 
only thing we can probably all agree on is that ignoring spam will never stop 

> Please recognise that also Google connects Debian with the keywords you are
> continuely using in your superflous mails to the list and I do not think
> that this helps much.

We realize that, thank you, but I vehemently reject that there is anything 
"superfluous" about this discussion - except that it should really be going 
on debian-wide rather than on the laptop list.
> Sorry, if I did not regard the "Don't feed the trolls" rule

No, _you_ just tried to limit useful discussion.  _I_ ignored the 
troll-feeding rule.

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