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Re: ***SPAM_sub*** Re: Male sexual enhancement formula^

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2005-05-23 16:57:37, schrieb Nicolas Huillard:
I'm also subscribed to other lists than virtually have *no* spam problems. I can't believe their address is so secret that no spammer have ever stumbled upon them. They're also lists with quite the same amount of trafic as this one.
I do not belive it, because I am on more then 60 Debian-Lists and get
SPAMs over around all channels...  Exactly, around 3000 per week.
Notice that Nicolas didn't say the other lists he wasn't having problems with were *Debian* lists.

For some reason, the Debian lists, as a group, don't seem to be doing any spam filtering, even though mailing lists would *particularly* benefit from things like SpamAssassin's auto-whitelisting.

- Joe

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