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Re: Kernel advice/help

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 15:27 -0500, DesScorp wrote:
> One of the reasons I started using Debian was for it's magnificent package
> management. I don't want to have to compile anything if I don't have to.
> But my wireless PC card is going to force my hand. It's an SMC 2632W V.3,
> with the Atmel chipset if I did my homework right. There doesn't appear to
> be a debian package for it that I can find (for testing, anyway). So I'll
> have to compile. So here's the problem; the instructions ask for the
> location of the kernel source code, which should be /usr/src. There's
> nothing there, and if I'm correct, only the kernel image itself
> (/boot/vmlinuz) is present. Should I be looking somewhere else, or does
> Debian not install kernel source?

Firstly, I note that these packages are in Debian unstable:

at76c503a-source - at76c503a driver source
atmel-firmware - Firmware for Atmel at76c50x wireless networking chips.

If you install those two packages, and the kernel-headers package
matching your existing kernel, you can probably build your own modules
package fairly easily.

If you install a kernel-source-... package, and the "kernel-package"
package as well, you can very likely build your own "Debian" kernel
package that does include support for your chipset. 

The way I build kernel packages for my own laptop is to use the
"make-kpkg" command from the "kernel-package" package, and this works
fairly straightforwardly.  I much prefer managing kernel installation
and replacement with .deb packages than with "make bzImage; make
install" fashion.

					Andrew McMillan

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