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Re: Kernel advice/help

["Followup-To:" header set to gmane.linux.debian.user.] On 2005-05-16,
DesScorp penned:


> So here's the problem; the instructions ask for the location of the
> kernel source code, which should be /usr/src. There's nothing there,
> and if I'm correct, only the kernel image itself (/boot/vmlinuz) is
> present. Should I be looking somewhere else, or does Debian not
> install kernel source?
> If that's normal, how should I proceed? When trying to apt-get the
> same kernel version I already have, I get the "already have this
> version" message. So can I simply go to kernel.org, pull down a
> tarball of 2.4.27-1-386 and install the source in /usr/src for when I
> need to compile something? That seems awfully....un-Debian like. And
> I'd like to do it the Debian Way. Advice is appreciated.

Well, I build my kernels myself, but no one else seems to have
answered this, so I'll take a stab ...

The package you're trying to grab is the pre-compiled kernel.  In
order to get the source, you want to get the kernel source package:


I think (not sure) you need a deb-src line in your
/etc/apt/sources.list, in addition to the deb line, to get that.

However, I'm not sure you need the actual source in order to do what
you're describing; I think you just need the header files, which you
can get with a headers package:


But first, are you absolutely sure that debian doesn't have a packaged
driver for this stuff?  A search on 2.4.27 got me this list of



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