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Re: Kernel advice/help

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* DesScorp <DesScorp@gmail.com> wrote:
> First off, I'm running Debian testing, with the 2.4.27-1-386 kernel, on a
> Dell Inspiron 3800. This is the kernel from the default install, not
> specialized. 
> But my wireless PC card is going to force my hand. It's an SMC 2632W V.3,
> with the Atmel chipset if I did my homework right. There doesn't appear to
> be a debian package for it that I can find (for testing, anyway). So I'll
> have to compile. So here's the problem; the instructions ask for the
> location of the kernel source code, which should be /usr/src. There's
> nothing there, and if I'm correct, only the kernel image itself
> (/boot/vmlinuz) is present. Should I be looking somewhere else, or does
> Debian not install kernel source?

Usually you have to install kernel sources on your own. As you already
have said you can find that sources in /usr/src! 
Perhaps you have to decompress kernel source first. Can you find an archive in

> If that's normal, how should I proceed? When trying to apt-get the same
> kernel version I already have, I get the "already have this version"
> message. 

That's strange. If you have installed kernel source you _will_ find them
in /usr/src! Are you sure you have choosen the right packet?
Kernel-source and not Kernel-image?

Greets Simon!

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