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Re: Kernel advice/help

* DesScorp <DesScorp@gmail.com> [2005-05-16 15:27:53 -0500]:

>First off, I'm running Debian testing, with the 2.4.27-1-386 kernel, on a


>have to compile. So here's the problem; the instructions ask for the
>location of the kernel source code, which should be /usr/src. There's
>nothing there, and if I'm correct, only the kernel image itself
>(/boot/vmlinuz) is present. Should I be looking somewhere else, or does
>Debian not install kernel source?

At the time of installation, if you have not chosen to install kernet source
then you willnot have the sources under /usr/src. So you need to install the
kernel sources first. I am sure, after installing the sources, you will find
them located under /usr/src.

>If that's normal, how should I proceed? When trying to apt-get the same
>kernel version I already have, I get the "already have this version"

It is because you are trying to apt-get for the kernel image and not the
source. The source package should be named somthing like


So do an apt-get for the relevent source package you want and you are done.

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