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Re: Logging goes beserk

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 19:44, Christian Birkholm Clausen wrote:
> So, working good on my IBM T42. One small thing though;
> syslog, kern.log and debug are growing rapidly. Upto 117mb since
> yesterday pr. file approximately... :( Seem to get filled with alot of
> usb and isa logging. 10-15 pr. second. I turned off every debugging
> feature I could find in the kernel and recompiled. But it hasn't
> helped. Can't find any bad settings in syslog.cong, but then again I'm
> not sure that that's the right place to look. Guess it's a
> kernel-thing..

This looks like it comes from the evbug kernel module, which is 
If you have this compiled as a module, it should be blacklisted for 
hotplug (and is by default).


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