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Re: Debian on Acer Aspire 1681, Problemlist

Op vr 13-05-2005, om 11:38 schreef Martin Jenewein:
> ACPI works (partial) with Kernel 2.6.11.
> CpuFreq works. Temp. works and button seems to work.  

Try the ondemand governor. I really like it, since it doesn't need any
userspace governor. So, there's nothing to set, tune or configure.

> But i can not get state for Battery. Module Battery is loaded. But
> no information about power, state and so on. Directory /proc/apci/
> battery is empty. 
> any hints? (ive nothing found @  google )

I think I read something about newer Acers having a smart battery that
you can read out by I2C. I don't know if the 1681 has such a battery. If
I remember correctly, the 1681 is much like the 4002, which supposedly
has a smartbattery. So, for more information and possible solutions,
search for the travelmate 4000 series.
https://sourceforge.net/projects/sbs-linux/ might be one such solution,
but I haven't tried it (I have a TM6000).


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