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Re: Debian on Acer Aspire 1681, Problemlist

Op do 12-05-2005, om 13:27 schreef Martin Jenewein:
> >> - ACPI: if i try to boot with acpi, the boot process hangs. 
> There is no more information while booting. 
> If the kernel try to load acpi module, the process hangs (looks like
> a deadlock). Only a hardreset is possible. 
> boot with kernel parameter acpi=off works fine. (boot with knoppix
> and acpi works) 

Which kernel version does your knoppix CD use? Try the corresponding
Debian kernel. Otherwise, just compile your own; if it fixed your
problem with Suse, it may also fix it with Debian.

> >> - Sound. No sound works. 
> >What does alsa tell you? Did you install alsa? What sound chip do
> >you have?
> Sound works now fine. No Problem anymore. 

Wow, I've got magical powers. I've got no idea how I fixed that, but as
long as it works now... :-)

> >> - locales; if i try to install something (apt-get install, the
> >Does it tell you anything before that? It should give you more
> >information on what the errors were.
>  Generating locales...
>   en.ISO-8859-1... cannot opem loale definition file `en':No such

Have a look at bug 247529 and try the stuff that's mentioned there.


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