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Re: Debian on Acer Aspire 1681, Problemlist

Op do 12-05-2005, om 11:23 schreef Martin Jenewein:
> Debian (testing, Kernel 2.6.8) ist up and running on my Laptop. But
> few think doesn´t work. 
> - ACPI: if i try to boot with acpi, the boot process hangs. 
>   Same Problem such under Suse and my old Laptop? I had to compile
> my own kernel within ACPI and no APM (And not as module) 
> Or helps a update to .11? 

No harm in trying. If it fixes your problem, just use 2.6.11. I'm not an
expert on ACPI, so I cannot really help you with it, unless there is
some more information on your screen when booting.

> - How can i compile and config my own kernel under debian?
> (parallel to old kernel) 

Install the kernel-package package. Download and install the Debian
kernel source. Unpack it (cd /usr/src; tar xvjf [name of .bz2]).
Configure (cd /usr/src/[kernel]; make menuconfig). Build (make-kpkg
clean; make-kpkg -rev=revision_version --append_=Martin kernel_image).
Install (dpkg -i ../[resulting .deb]).
This is just how I do it; it may not be the optimal way, and maybe it'll
even trash your system. Be careful to just type in commands other people
tell you. Try to understand what they do first.

> - Sound. No sound works. 

What does alsa tell you? Did you install alsa? What sound chip do you

> - usb: Error messages on boot: usb usb4: string describtor 0 read
> error: -19 
> (Mouse works) 

No idea. If it's only an error message but all seem to work fine, just
ignore it.

> - locales; if i try to install something (apt-get install, the
> system returns following error:
> Errors were encounteres while processing:
>  locales
> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned error code (1)

Does it tell you anything before that? It should give you more
information on what the errors were.

Try to give some more information when you report problems. Indicate
what you've done, what you expect, what piece of hardware you're trying
to get to work, what the related messages (errors, warnings, dmesg,
whatever) are, etc.


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