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Re: Kernel 2.6.xx

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 20:17 +1000, Ryan Heise wrote:
> As I mentioned, I would *much* prefer to use netinstall.

Sorry, I missed that part of the thread.  My Bad.  :(

> BUT,
> Can someone tell me if the netinstall CD includes the driver for my
> network card: sk98lin? And if so, which version?
> A netinstall CD is only as useful as its set of network card drivers.

I somewhat agree and somewhat disagree with ya there:  You can use
additional drivers if you've installed them on the hd or if you've got
them on floppy.

> So far, I tried RC3 and it did not include the sk98lin driver, so I
> couldn't install from it.

I disagree with ya there: I just downloaded the sarge RC3 netinst, and
both the 2.4.27 kernel and the 2.6.8 kernel contain the sk98lin driver
in the nic-extra-modules packages.  The version of the driver is the
version that is stock with that version of kernel.  You may need to
enable the driver.

> Does anyone know how can I check?

Straightforward, but not obvious, recipe using any modern Linux:

1) DL the iso.

2) Burn it to disk or loopback mount it.

3) Find the packages that will be installed on the base base system.

4) Find the packages that are associated with the nic drivers (under
pool/main/l/linux-kernel-di-i386/nic*  for 2.4 kernel or
pool/main/l/linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6/nic* for 2.6 kernel).

5) Copy those files to a temp directory.

6) Use "ar x debarchivename.udeb" to extract the contents (instructions
from man 5 deb, man page is installed with the dpkg-dev package).

7) Use "tar tzf data.tar.gz | less" to list contents of deb, or if you
want the kernel files, use "tar xzf data.tar.gz".


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