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Re: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

On Monday 14 March 2005 16:06, Jordan Smith wrote:
> Debian uses iwconfig and iwconfig looks at /etc/network/interfaces for the
> configuration of the adapter, or you can set staticly with "#>iwconfig
> wlan0 essid 'myssid'".  Neither works for me and I cannot see any access
> points when I do a "#>iwlist wlan0 scan".  The startup scripts also look at
> /etc/network/interfaces to see whether dhcp or static configuration are
> used and the "dhcp" config for the adapter calls "dhclient" with the "ifup"
> script.
> I am also using the WinXP driver for the wireless adapter as required by
> ndiswrapper.  I am just baffled as it everything appears as if it should be
> working, but I cannot see any access points.
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> From: Uncurbed [mailto:uncurbed@bredband.net]
> Sent: Mon 3/14/2005 12:46 PM
> To: Jordan Smith
> Subject: Re: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

Please note: Not all WIndows XP Drivers work with ndiswrapper.

Take a look at http://cmb.phys.cwru.edu/kisner/linux/compaq-r3000/ who has a 
gzipped tarball with the drivers he got to work.  I believe his are the 
drivers that made my Compaq 3120 start working on wireless.  The ones that 
came with the notebook did not work!


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