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Re: PCMCIA USB2.0 Card

Hello Kaiser, Hans,

	IMHO, It may be a problem of the power supply. One of my
friends have another card, while he can use USB2.0 with 
power supply from another USB1.1 port. His HDD's cable have 
2 USB ports for PC connection, and can be connected with
2 ports of PC when a single one cannot provides enough power.

    Hope it can help you.

Wang Xu

>Hello List,
>I'm using a USB2.0 PCMCIA card, because my thinkpad A31p has only usb1.1.
>The card is NEC based, and gets detected fine. But my HDD which is USB2.0
>runs only on 12MBit. Under Suse it is running fine with 480MBit. 
>Can anyone help me with my issue?
>Running here on debian sarge.
>Best regards,
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