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RE: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

Title: Re: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160
Debian uses iwconfig and iwconfig looks at /etc/network/interfaces for the configuration of the adapter, or you can set staticly with "#>iwconfig wlan0 essid 'myssid'".  Neither works for me and I cannot see any access points when I do a "#>iwlist wlan0 scan".  The startup scripts also look at /etc/network/interfaces to see whether dhcp or static configuration are used and the "dhcp" config for the adapter calls "dhclient" with the "ifup" script.
I am also using the WinXP driver for the wireless adapter as required by ndiswrapper.  I am just baffled as it everything appears as if it should be working, but I cannot see any access points.

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Subject: Re: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

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Subject: Ndiswrapper and SID on Inspiron 5160

>I was wondering if anybody on the list has had any experience getting
> ndiswrapper working with the Broadcom Wireless adapter that comes with
> this laptop.
> I have installed the ndiswrapper packages and compiled the module.  I
> installed the Win driver with ndiswrapper, and when I use $>ndiswrapper
> -l it lists the driver installed and the hardware present.   I added
> ndiswrapper to /etc/modules and when I boot up and do a lsmod it shows
> the module loaded.
> I disabled eth0 in my /etc/network/interfaces and set the wireless
> configuration:
> auto wlan0
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp
>       wireless-essid "my-essid"
>       wireless-mode Managed
>       wireless-keymode restricted
>       wireless-key1 xxxxxxxxxxx
>       wireless-defaultkey 2
> all of these settings are correct for my wap.
> I can bring the Iface up and the system sees it, but i just can't
> establish any communication with my AP.   When I do a iwconfig the
> access point is off/any although the key settings seem to be set
> properly.   Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?  It appears others
> have gotten this adapter to work using ndiswrapper.  I can't find any
> erros in the kernel or system logs, it just doesn't connect...  Help
> please!

In my Slackware 10.0 I used the Win-XP .INF & .SYS file with ndiswrapper.
I also used the /etc/rd.c/rc.wireless script to get it started. But I think
Debian have a different setup for startup scripts.
I also used 'dhcpcd' to get dynamic IP from the wireless router.

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