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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

>  >stop dreaming and start doing something
> Here, you just hit the problem on the head. Most people are not
> programmers. Most people have other jobs and other interests.

you don't need to be a programmer... I know almost nothing about hardware,
so I'm quite useless to improve low level linux. On the other hand, I've
helped with what I can do, translating documentation and even creating
some documentation where I explain in real details all the way through
installing linux on the laptop. So, basically, one helps as one can...

> The
> computer is a vehicle to get from one point to another. The computer, in
> any fashion, is not the final goal. It is only a tool the same as a
> hammer is used by a carpenter.

a hammer, by no means, is easy. You really have to know what you are
doing, otherwise you'll end up smashing some fingers or destroing the
work. So even the so considered lousiest tool, demands people to know how
to use it. This vehicle notion is not like a bus, that you take and
somebody drives it for you... if you use something you have to know what
you are doing... as an example, se the legion of commons that carry all
sort of viruses and so in their computer... just because they have no idea
how to use the hammer... and then, when somebody nicks their bank
password, they cry. At least here in UK banks are putting some pressure to
blame the careless customer on this...

> I think that this is the idea that the
> Linux community is going to have to embrace to get the majority of
> people to switch from Microsoft.

well, I fully agree with you when you say that things must get better, but
I don't see myself desiring that everybody change to linux... why? I just
think you should be free to choose... world domination by Torvalds or
Gates is still world domination... no good at all.

> But as a simple user, if they
> like what they are using, then they are also advertisers without
> realizing it.

yep... I know... that's why I said it lacks some "humanity" from linux
guys (us). But, as linux is the result of voluntary work, we rely on the
existance of these voluntaries... you know...

> I doubt that you will hear from me again. I have been spend a lot of my
> free time experimenting with Linux systems. Other things are pressing
> and requiring more of my time.

that's bad to hear... but have another go in a couple of years... you
might have a surprise...


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