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Re: Debian vs. Fedora on Laptops

> 2. I do not want my machine to be a sandbox for other developers.  I
> do not want to update my machine only to find that something has been
> changed or is now broken.  Hence, my reason for being on FC2 with an
> outdated kernel for so long.  It works;;

well, I must say taht I run debian sarge in a laptop and everything
works... and I even have an apache server running (I know, I know...
pretty stupid at first glance, but it really made my life easier)

> 3. I do not necessarily need the most bleeding edge software.  In wait
> until it's fully baked; and,

I pretty much think like that... that's why I'm still waiting for the new
X to become a .deb

> 4. I want a distro with a solid developer and user community backing it.

Well, it seems that both fedora and debian fill in...

> I am the typical M$ developer, in the process of moving to Linux.

good to hear that 8-)

> I
> need to be able to concentrate first on understanding the underlying
> OS and to be able to code for it.  I would rather do this on a stable
> platform so if something breaks, that I did it.

well, debian has been really stable in my laptop... although sometimes
some sites destroy my mozilla and bring down X with it... cool... but I
guess that has nothing to do with debian...

> As I write this, and read what I am writing, I am quite tempted to go
> and pay for Red Hat WS.  However, I just cannot bring myself to do
> that so easily.  The last time I paid them money was for a retail copy
> of RH9 only to find out two weeks later that they killed it off for
> Fedora.

I started my linux life with debian potato. Then, I had to give away my
computer and got one from the university. It was running RH9. As I said
before, I've installed FC1 and FC2 in my laptop and had some problems...
then I moved back to debian and everything is fine...

I noticed that you had some concern about compiling the kernel... I DID
not have to compile the kernel so far, but my modem is a winmoden and in
order to get the driver, I'll have to compile it... but I'd have to do it
anyway in any distro...

My advice is go for deb... it really worked with me...

P.S. As you are a developer, I think I should tell you that the C++
version of Kylix sucks! In each and every distro! So be prepared for it.

> Your thoughts?
> Thanx,
> Ryan
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