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Re: suspend, power save or saving, hibernate mode in Indpiron 5160

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Bob Proulx wrote:

5) Does the closing the lid and making the laptop go to
suspend/hibernate work?

Not unless you had an event script to activate suspend upon the lid
closing event.  See the 'acpid' for one way to handle this.
Is there any hint how to exactly do this with SoftwareSuspend2?

I only found the hibernate script which suspends to disk which is
a nice function for the power button IMHO.  But I'm seeking for the
equivalent for the old APM function which just switched of my monitor
and turned of the harddisk once I closed the lid.  Thus it was
easy to move around with the laptop and very quickly restore your
session by just pressing the power button.  This "sleeping" modus
was a very good thing and I wonder how I can get this back with ACPI?

Kind regards



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