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Re: cannot hibernate Dell Latitude D600 (priceless info)

Alexandru Cabuz <cabuz@GES.univ-montp2.fr> writes:

> This is some priceless info. Thanks man.

Are you talking about the explanations for different types of suspend
in the kernel? If you have kernel sources installed then take a look
at /usr/src/linux-<VERSION>/Documentation/power/swsusp.txt 

Alexandru Cabuz <cabuz@GES.univ-montp2.fr> writes:

> And why does windows not seem to have a problem with this power management 
> stuff, while linux is struggling with it for years? One of the good things 
> about linux was supposed to be the speed at which it evolves, and the 
> efficiency with which bugs get found and fixed, and with which new 


According to this page, sometimes the problems with acpi is because of
a buggy DSDT. 

Also look at Section 3 of
http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=122145 which has one
explanation to why stuff that works with windows doesn't always work
with linux.

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