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Re: cannot hibernate Dell Latitude D600 (priceless info)

<< There is actually only one function that I would really like to have: the 
 ability to turn the backlight off. I'd be happy just with that. Might good 
 old apm do it? (I also have 1G of memory).>>

For me on my Dell Inspiron 8600, I've had success with this command.
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset -display :0.0 dpms force off
<< And why does windows not seem to have a problem with this power management 
stuff, while linux is struggling with it for years? One of the good things 
about linux was supposed to be the speed at which it evolves, and the 
efficiency with which bugs get found and fixed, and with which new 
functionalities are added.>>

At least for me, Windows had more issues with suspend-to-ram than Linux
has had, at least on kernel 2.6.9, with regards to the machine coming back a zombie.

I think one of the frustrations that laptop users especially have with
this is that it's a moving target and to a certain extent you're
dependent on advanced users to rewrite broken DSDTs, or programmers to
fix bugs or write workarounds for model-specific issues (which seem to
come up a lot).  Also, I get the feeling that for the most part, there
is little to no explicit cooperation between the laptop vendors and the 
people working on the ACPI project, though Intel seems to have a pretty 
strong showing on the list.  

Jason Powers

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