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Re: cannot hibernate Dell Latitude D600 (priceless info)

This is some priceless info. Thanks man.

Why is this not on the web? I've been googling like mad. Probably not googling 
right. Heck, once I have my ftp and http server up in a couple of weeks I 
might just put it up myself. I've wasted WAY too much time with this.

There is actually only one function that I would really like to have: the 
ability to turn the backlight off. I'd be happy just with that. Might good 
old apm do it? (I also have 1G of memory).

And why does windows not seem to have a problem with this power management 
stuff, while linux is struggling with it for years? One of the good things 
about linux was supposed to be the speed at which it evolves, and the 
efficiency with which bugs get found and fixed, and with which new 
functionalities are added.

What's the problem with this power management stuff that just seems to get on 
everybody's nerves? (sure got on mine)


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