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Re: laptop Acer 1350 + fn keys

On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 01:01 -0800, Shafeek Sumser wrote:
> Hi 
> I have installed debian sarge on my laptop Acer Aspire
> 1350LC.  Since I need to do presentation with the
> laptop, i have put a video projector connected to my
> VGA out.  
> On windows, pressing fn + F5, i can changed from
> either my lcd on my laptop or the video projector and
> both.  
> But to my great surprise i cannot do the same thing on
> my debian OS.  
> Since, I need Linux/Debian to do presentation, some
> helps are badly needed to activate the fn keys.

Have you tried running 'hotkeys'. For me it seems to work on my acer
ferrari. Maybe not all keys are supported, but these can be added with
the help of the 'dmesg' output.

It might also be required to load the acerhk.o driver, this enables some
extra keys on acer's

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