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Re: OT: Help needed for disassembling Toshiba Satellite 5100-603

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 08:02 am, Jan T. Kim wrote:
> Initially, it seemed as though disassembling and reassembling had
> really "repaired" the machine, but then, upon tapping on the plastic
> surface around the keyboard and pressing the mouse buttons, the
> flickering reappeared.

> It thus seems to me that there is a loose contact somewhere within
> the graphics subsystem -- only I have no idea how to locate the
> problematic spot.

> If anyone here has an idea how to locate such a "loose", i.e.
> presumably intermittently working connection, or a story how how you
> once managed to fix a similar thing, I'd be interested to hear these.

1) Unplug and re-plug connectors.  The wiping action will clean them.

2) (advanced) With the computer open but connected and running, hit 
components and connectors one at a time with freeze spray and note the 
appearance or disappearance of symptoms.  This assumes you can get at 
relevant bits without shorting anything inside.  Freeze spray is 
generally used to find defective semiconductors, but will help find 
mechanical issues too (for example, a cracked solder joint).

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