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Problems with ACPI and ethernet Sis900


I have a problem with my ethernet card (sis900). I don't have connection to the network until i put in grub "ACPI=off" Now my ethernet works, but i don't have acpi, because if i put it on, the connection to the network doesn't work.

This is part of my dmesg with ACPI working:

sis900.c: v1.08.07 11/02/2003
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:00:04.0[A] -> GSI 7 (level, low) -> IRQ 7
eth0: Realtek RTL8201 PHY transceiver found at address 1.
eth0: Using transceiver found at address 1 as default
eth0: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet at 0xa000, IRQ 7, 00:e0:00:18:00:00.

How can i put acpi working?

Tks and sorry for my english,

Hugo Santos

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