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Re: Sony Vaio battery indicator

Loz wrote:

I have a Sony Vaio FX-103 running Agnula DeMudi (which I am reliably
informed is a snapshot of Sarge) and I'd like to be able to monitor
the battery level of both the batteries in the laptop.

On XP (yes, I have it dual booting, because I cannot tear myself away
from windows just yet) Sony provide a couple of programs to read the
battery levels, because windows cannot do it natively. I am assuming
that the Vaio's read battery levels in a different way to other
laptops because of this.

However, does anyone know if such a program exists in linux so I can
monitor this?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Have you tried acpid? Once you install this, in Gnome you can add a small applet (from Utilities I believe) which will show you the battery state and charge level. I installed it in Dell Inspiron 5160 recently for somebody and it works nicely .... except that it does not detect the status of 'connected to batter/AC power' on the fly. The battery charge indicator works properly,but if you plug in or plug out the AC cable, the source indicator does not change and just remains where it was when you logged in.


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