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Re: Audio CD Sound Problem

Noel Kienzle wrote:
I'm new to Linux and have a question.
I have a problem listening audio cds on my Acer Aspire 1353 lc.
Running Debian Sarge 2.6.8-1-k7
All sounds work well (Systemsounds, mp3s, wav, ogg...).
I can rip audio cds (he's able to read the cd)
But when I start the audio cd player he starts playing (on display) but I
hear nothing.
Volume is up.
Syslog says:
localhost kernel: via_audio: ignoring drain playback error -11



One thing you can try is to change the sound module/plug in Options->Preferences->AudioI/O somwhere. I am not sure exactly which option to change, but you can try playing aroudn with output plugins.

I am not at home right now, but report back if it doesn't work and I will be able to give some more info.

Are you using ALSA?


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