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Re: Sony Vaio battery indicator

Loz wrote:

I have a Sony Vaio FX-103 running Agnula DeMudi (which I am reliably
informed is a snapshot of Sarge) and I'd like to be able to monitor
the battery level of both the batteries in the laptop.

On XP (yes, I have it dual booting, because I cannot tear myself away
from windows just yet) Sony provide a couple of programs to read the
battery levels, because windows cannot do it natively. I am assuming
that the Vaio's read battery levels in a different way to other
laptops because of this.

However, does anyone know if such a program exists in linux so I can
monitor this?

/proc/acpi/battery/BAT?/state offers information about this, but there are various applets in KDE, gnome and other desktop/window managers that handle this task.

gkrellm has a plugin that does this also...

I don't know if/think that sony has really some special way of dealing with this....

And by the way, google before you ask.
Thanks in advance for your help.




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