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Various Questions (2)


Thx for the previous advices.

For the defrag issue, someone mentioned there's a package called defrag
in the Debian package list. In the package desciption, it states that
it defrags some file system, but ext3, the one i'm currently using, is
not in the list.

As for Kopete, i saw the Yahoo issue is mentioned in the official
website. The fix is there already, but duno where to get one for

Now about LILO. When I change the lilo.conf and run lilo, it makes one
of my partition dissappeared. I only change the boot menu, no other
funny changes. The dissappeared partition is FAT32, Windows drive
letter "Z", volume labeled "Swap". I put all my Windows temp and swap
files there. Anybody experience this?

Neither the wheel of my usb mouse nor the wheel of my touchpad is
working. Any advice?

When i plug in a USB thumb drive, Konqueror didn't show another new
device. I already loaded usbstorage module in the kernel...

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite 2410 running Sarge kernel 2.6.7.

Thx in advance for the advices.

- Rony -

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