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Re: Various Questions (2)

Le Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 07:59:44AM -0700, Rony ecrit :
> Neither the wheel of my usb mouse nor the wheel of my touchpad is
> working. Any advice?

Your touchpad is certainly a Synaptics. Hotplug must load the
"psmouse" module. Without any argument, "psmouse" find the synaptics
touchpad and use the synaptics protocol.

First fix : unload the module "rmmod psmouse" and reload it with the
folowing argument "modprobe psmouse proto=imps". You should be able to
use your touchpad as a standard intellimouse. But you wont benefit the
touch pad improvement (palm detection, two fingers tap for third
button, ...)

Second fix : use the synaptics driver for X. You have to download it,
compile it and install it as described on the maintainer homepage :
It is just a little bit complex, but the improvement is here. For
exmaple, it is easier to use the "two fingers tap" to emulate the
third button, or to customize and use the scrolling area. Furthermore,
you can then use the syndaemon/synclient tool to disable the touchpad
when you use the keyboard (I use the gksyn plugin in gkrellm).

I hope it will help.

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