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Re: Various Questions (2)

On the issue of defrag,

Unlike Windows, any new file written in a UNIX style system is written 
contiguously. If a file is copied or moved, like when it is renamed, 
if it was fragmented before it will now be contiguous. Over time, 
UNIX file systems self-defrag.

Also in a UNIX style system, having the disk heads moving "all over 
the place to find file fragments" isn't a bad thing, because the 
system is doing other things as well, so having the heads moving 
around means that the OS can read/write other things too, without 
causing IO bottlenecks.

So don't bother to defrag. It's only on a Windows where new files are 
written into the first available open space no matter how small, that 
file fragmentation is inherent in the system.


On Sunday 17 October 2004 10:59, Rony was heard to say:
> For the defrag issue, someone mentioned there's a package called
> defrag in the Debian package list. In the package desciption, it
> states that it defrags some file system, but ext3, the one i'm
> currently using, is not in the list.
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