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Re: Mail on laptop


I do not know wether this will help in your setup, but with esmtp you 
can send to different smtp relays depending on the senders address.

On my laptop I have the following: I let exim deliver only local mail, 
including that all mail to root@laptop is sent to me, mab@laptop. That 
handles my local delivery.
Additionally I use esmtp to get my mail out. Now if I send from my 
regular email address at the isp, then esmtp will send it to their smtp 
relay. However, when I use mab@localhost as a sender, esmtp will deliver 
locally. So - pretty useless though - I can even send a email locally to 
my girl.

Cheers, Martin

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 10:13:51AM +0200, Koen Vermeer wrote:
> Op za 02-10-2004, om 20:27 schreef Bob Proulx:
> > > I recently acquired a laptop, and ofcourse I installed Debian on it.
> > Of course!  :-)
> After a regular i386 and a UltraSparc 10, what else could I do...
> > Not sure this helps you but you can tell debconf to send mail to a
> > different address.
> >   export DEBCONF_ADMIN_EMAIL=addr@example.com
> That helps for debconf, but does not solve the more general problem.
> > I actually use it to turn off those messages entirely.
> >   export DEBCONF_ADMIN_EMAIL=""
> > When you install a security upgrade for ssh to a few hundred machines
> > and each and every one wants to say the same thing to you it gets a
> > little tedious.  :-)
> Sounds like spam from your own machines :-)
> > But really the only two users that you care about are yourself and
> > root so the simplest thing (what I would do) is to create aliases for
> > those two users and forward that mail to the address you want.
> Right, but the simplest MTA's (nullmailer, ssmtp) don't support that as
> far as I know, and there doesn't seem to be anything in between these
> simplest MTA's and stuff like exim or postfix.
> The obvious reply to that would be 'there's a great opportunity for you
> to contribute something to the world', but unfortunately, my programming
> skills nowadays are limited to Matlab and some scripts for personal use.
> So, I guess I'll just have to install exim or postfix then.
> Koen
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