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Mail on laptop


I recently acquired a laptop, and ofcourse I installed Debian on it. I'm
running mostly testing packages.

I'm experiencing problems setting up the mail in the way that I want. My
current setup is based on nullmailer, in which I've defined three smtp
hosts for the different locations where I use my laptop. What doesn't
work like I want is mail that is sent by programs, such as the 'mail
notice' thing when I install new packages or reportbug. My main question

How do I setup my mailsystem such that all mail to local users
(including root) is sent to my emailaddress?

If the solution requires installation of another MTA, then that's fine,
although I prefer a simple MTA since it doesn't do a lot of work anyway.

I've been looking for answers on this because it feels like a FAQ, but I
wasn't able to find anything. Thanks for any help!


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