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Re: remote backup

Hello List,

thank very much for your suggestions.

Tobias Kraus wrote:
Am Samstag, 2. Oktober 2004 03:39 schrieb Jerome BENOIT:

Hello List,

I would like my desktop (an openbrick) to backup via the net
my laptop once it is connected:
what is the best way to do so ?

I'm using rsync for this. My desktop is a rsync-server and my laptop tests hourely if it is available. If so, and the last backup is older than one day it rsync my hdd. On the server, I have a script that creates snapshots via hardlinks. (thanks to http://www.heinlein-support.de/web/projekte/rsync-backup/ :-) for inspiration) Tell me if you want to have my shell scripts and more details.

I was planning to do something similar:
backing up my laptop with `backup2l' and synchronizing the related files.

Yes, please send your shell script.



Thanks in advance,

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