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Re: Mail on laptop

Koen Vermeer wrote:
> I recently acquired a laptop, and ofcourse I installed Debian on it.

Of course!  :-)

> I'm experiencing problems setting up the mail in the way that I want. My
> current setup is based on nullmailer, in which I've defined three smtp
> hosts for the different locations where I use my laptop. What doesn't
> work like I want is mail that is sent by programs, such as the 'mail
> notice' thing when I install new packages or reportbug. My main question
> is:

Not sure this helps you but you can tell debconf to send mail to a
different address.

  export DEBCONF_ADMIN_EMAIL=addr@example.com

I actually use it to turn off those messages entirely.


When you install a security upgrade for ssh to a few hundred machines
and each and every one wants to say the same thing to you it gets a
little tedious.  :-)

> How do I setup my mailsystem such that all mail to local users
> (including root) is sent to my emailaddress?

That is one of the common configurations of most MTAs.  Of course I
have never wanted to do that myself so I can't suggest anything
concrete.  In Postfix I would probably use the canonical address map
to rewrite all addresses to the single address you want.

But really the only two users that you care about are yourself and
root so the simplest thing (what I would do) is to create aliases for
those two users and forward that mail to the address you want.


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