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Re: ALT+F1-7: Switching consoles doesn't work

On  4-06-2004, at 23h 04'05", Jens Nachtigall wrote about "Re: ALT+F1-7: Switching consoles doesn't work"
> Yes, that is the one. i tried to change it as you told me. However, then even 
> the workaround with the windows logo key did not work any more :( The 
> intended ALT+Ctrl+F2 did not work either...
> Maybe someone could have a look at my boottime.kmap.gz and send my a patch. It 
> is here: http://informatik.hu-berlin.de/~nachtiga/boottime.kmap.gz

First, I would change the first line to:

keymaps 0-2,4-6,8-9,12

Then I see that you have a mixture of UK and German keyboard.
The key nr. 3 (the one with the 2 digit) contains " (shift-2 gives you
") like the UK layout. But then key nr. 26 (right of p) is defined as u
with two dots, where it should be the open brakets. Which layout do you
use anyway?

Also the Key nr. 56 should be Alt (not AltGr).
125 and 126 should be AltGr. I also made 127 as "Last_Console" (you can
go back to previous console). The 127 key is the "Menu" key. 125 and 126
are the windows key.

So the last row of key in your keyboard (what ever is written on it) are:

Ctrl  AltGr  Alt       Space       Alt  AltGr  Last_Console  Ctrl

on the console mode. Under X they are still what ever they were.

I also DELETTED all the definition between 128 and 511. How many key do
you have anyway?

I hope it works now. 


P.S. If Alt-Ctrl-Fx still fails to work, try the last console thing, or
the Alt-RightArrow or Alt-LeftArrow to advance between Consoles.

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