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Re: ALT+F1-7: Switching consoles doesn't work

On  3-06-2004, at 10h 38'11", Jens Nachtigall wrote about "Re: ALT+F1-7: Switching consoles doesn't work"
> >
> > Have a look at the /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz file (or what do you
> > load with loadkeys at boot time)
> How can I find out which one is loaded at boot time?

If you do have a /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz file, that this is the
one. If not, the kernel is compiled with some default kmap.
Also those file may be read (not sure for the order):

To be sure, you can make a file $HOME/.keymap.kmap
and add a line on $HOME/.xsession like that:

loadkeys $HOME/.keymap.kmap

I see that your AltGr and Alt are inverted.

> Should I simply edit the file to your values and then gzip it again? Or is 
> there an alternative boottime.kmap.gz to download somewhere?

You don't need to use "my values". Put there what you need. I just send
you some examples. I can send you all my boottime.kmap.gz file if it
helps. In fact it is
http://bucovina.chem.tue.nl/tastatura/boottime.kmap_astiq_104.gz, I use
it for the specific letters I type, but have a look only at the
Console_x lines...

For instance

alt control keycode 59 = Console_1
control alt keycode 60 = Console_2
control alt keycode 61 = Console_3
control alt keycode 62 = Console_4
control alt keycode 63 = Console_5
control alt keycode 64 = Console_6
control alt keycode 65 = Console_7
control alt keycode 66 = Console_8
control alt keycode 67 = Console_9
control alt keycode 68 = Console_10
control alt keycode 87 = Console_11
control alt keycode 88 = Console_12

will give you access to all consoles with Ctrl-Alt-Fx (x=1-12)


alt keycode 59 = Console_1
alt keycode 60 = Console_2
alt keycode 61 = Console_3
alt keycode 62 = Console_4
alt keycode 63 = Console_5
alt keycode 64 = Console_6
alt keycode 65 = Console_7
alt keycode 66 = Console_8
alt keycode 67 = Console_9
alt keycode 68 = Console_10
alt keycode 87 = Console_11
alt keycode 88 = Console_12

will give you access to all consoles with Alt-Fx (x=1-12).

Just make sure the Alt and AltGr are not changed:

keycode  29 = Control
keycode  56 = Alt
keycode  58 = Caps_Lock
keycode  97 = Control
keycode 100 = Alt
keycode 125 = AltGr
keycode 126 = AltGr

> Also /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz does not seem to belong to any package.

It used to comes with the console package-tools, I think. I am not sure.


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