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PCMCIA WiFi cards?

Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of getting an 802.11b capable PCMCIA card and I am looking
for one that is well supported in the later 2.4 kernel versions. 
Googling around it seems there is quite a bit of information that is 2
to 3 years old.  

What is the state of the current offerings vs. some of the older cards?  
Is there a site that I've yet to find that gives comprehensive 
information on the currently available cards.  I know that the
manufacturers seem to change chipsets and models almost on a weekly
basis, so is there any hope of purchasing a new card and having it work
reliably in 2.4.2x?  I would prefer a current card supported by a GPL
driver rather than a hack using a proprietary one.  Is this possible?

If I must search for an older card, I can do that as well.  I would
rather purchase one new with a warranty, etc.  What vendors would you

Perhaps I am just behind the curve and all this is really a non-issue,
but I am finding a dearth of current information on this topic.


- Nate >>

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