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Re: Strange Zip Attatchment

Am 2004-01-27 15:26:49, schrieb François TOURDE:
>Le 12444ième jour après Epoch,
>Niko Efthymiou écrivait:
>> I have noticed 3 stange zip atachments on this mailing list, all
>> recieved yesterday. I would suspect that it is some kind of virus
>> (havent scanned it).
>> Since there have been quite a few virus epidemies recently (and maling
>> lists are a good place for spreding them), I would like to propose
>> following alternatives:
>> 1. Dissallow atachments alltogether on debian lists (send them to
>> /dev/null)
>And what about legal attachements, like logs, config files, etc. ?

Why ? logs, configs and patches are plain/text and can send inline.

>> 2. Allow only certein mime types in mutipart messages
>You're probably right, but who makes the choices?

Need only pgp/gpg

>> 3. Scan the emails for virii and if positive discard them (will
>> probably  eat up to many resources.)
>I think there is already a mechanism like amavis+clamav+spamassassin
>on the list. Check your headers to confirm. My headers are already
>modified by this piece of software on my side, so I can't check if the
>list do that already.

It is alread done...
Because I have tried to send several time a .procmairc sniplet which 
filters VIRUSES and SPAM and the message does not apear in the Lists 



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